Magic Map to QGIS – Find out about the magic of QGIS


Magic Map to QGIS


1 day



Learning outcomes

  • be able to set up QGIS and add data
  • understand adding coordinate data
  • know how to create shapefiles
  • undertake calculations
  • understanding how to classify data
  • create a publication-ready map
Caroline Robinson GIS Training

How can you adapt to future trading conditions? React quickly to changing circumstances by using FREE open source GIS software.

We’ll teach you how to move on from Magic or paper maps and get the information into QGIS. Making spatial data accessible to you and your clients is future-proofing your business.

No previous experience of GIS is required, but some experience of using spatial data would be beneficial.

This course will introduce spatial data and show you how to import and display spatial data, keeping your records tidy without the need for constant internet access. We will show you how to digitise trees, hedges and field boundaries. Work out how many trees you have; hedgerow lengths and how to divide land for different crop rotations.

Be confident saving and printing information to share with colleagues.

Magic Map Screenshot
Magic Map screenshot
Magic Map to QGIS

Introduction to QGIS

Being able to make such a complex and cool-looking map was fun, also colouring the map by hand!

Course Participant