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Create new maps to encourage prospective students (and their parents) to apply to Falmouth University

Responding to change is essential for any business. When you’re running a university, you have many more stakeholders than just the current students. Attracting new students every year has become more competitive for every university and with the importance of Open Days, the last thing you want is for prospective students and their parents to get lost! Harriet approached us to create some maps for Dawn French’s parade and celebrations to formally install her as their first Chancellor.

Since our intitial brief, Clear Mapping Co have created a wide variety of maps for Falmouth University. As a result of our maps  students can find the correct campus and navigate their way around with ease. We have worked on developing academic maps for staff, student and visitors to find the correct buildings. Accessible maps which contain all of the students needs. Where are the halls of residence? Where is the bus/car park? We went even further by working on the first Access Statements for Falmouth University with photos and textual information such as door widths or types of flooring. All which can impede accessibility into various buildings. We love making maps inclusive!

The maps are regulary updated with ease, as we now have all the data we require. The potential use for the maps is widespread; the maximum number of students who study at Falmouth University looks set to rise from 5,000 to 7,500, in 2017.

Falmouth University

I have found working with Clear Mapping Company has been a great experience. The team at Clear Mapping are prompt and available for any queries I may have; always making time if necessary. The maps have already proved to be very useful for our Open Days and Interviews, and will continue to be an attractive and informative resource.

Harriet Reed