Dr Michael Leigh – maps for publication


Black, white and grey
maps for book production


52 weeks




Create several maps for Dr Michael Leigh, Research Associate, SOAS
for a new text book on the evacuation of Burma

Burma Maps for publication

Finding it hard to contact his past cartographer, Dr Michael Leigh searched for a new cartographer for his latest book on civilian evacuation routes in 1942. Dr Leigh is a Research Associate at SOAS (University of London) and the author of ‘Conflict, Politics and Proselytism Methodist missionaries in colonial and post-colonial Burma, 1887-1966’ and ‘The Evacuation of Civilians from Burma – Analysing the 1942 Colonial Disaster’.

Clear Mapping Co was delighted to help. By taking the research Michael D. Leigh had collected from a wide variety of sources including flight maps and original transcribing of routes; we converted the data into academic maps for book reproduction. The highly detailed black and white maps reproduce perfectly at small scale for the reference book. Michael was highly satisfied not only with the maps themselves, but the due diligence and integrity of the cartography for this period in history. It’s wonderful to see the book published and the maps in print – ‘The Collapse of British Rule in Burma – The Civilian Evacuation and Independence’.

Burma Maps for publication
Burma Maps for publication
Burma Maps for publication

Dr Michael Leigh

Caroline Robinson and her colleagues at the Clear Mapping Co. have been excellent in every respect. I cannot praise them highly enough. I set them an extremely complex project that demanded multi-dimensional solutions. It consisted of a series of maps based on an obscure area of northern Burma during the 1940s. It was essential that the maps were geographically and historically accurate and that they related to modern Myanmar. The brief included a number of highly idiosyncratic features – such as routes and transitory campsites that could only be extrapolated from original documents. They then had to be precisely and graphically superimposed. The maps are for use by an international publisher, and are designed for demanding academic audiences. The Clear Mapping team was superb throughout. They were intelligent and meticulous – quickly understanding, interpreting, and realising the brief. The task was completed on time and with a minimum of fuss. Clear Mapping is an exceptional niche company that fields a remarkable array of specialist design skills. It is a professional, cheerful and highly responsive outfit. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr Michael Leigh