Doha Bus Route Map – for print


Schematic transport map


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Translate bus routes from shape files
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Doha Bus Route Map

We were sub-contractors to the primary contractor Endpoint based in United Arab Emirates, working for Ministry of Transport and Communications in Qatar. The graphic designers had found it challenging transferring all the nation’s bus routes by hand at A3 size, making it very difficult to represent well.

Clear Mapping Co were able to assist by converting bus stop and route GIS data using QGIS software into a suitable format in Adobe Illustrator. Then, we created a diagrammatic version of the dataset. We divided the routes from Doha into various zoned colours to aid memory and developed three different cartographic design styles to suit. Endpoint were then able to work with the Ministry to achieve their requirements. This was a fast paced project and we were pleased to assist in the new infographics for the Qatari bus routes. Please find the map here.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has released a revamped bus map, on 29 March 2017. A new and more informative map that will not only help residents to see all information about current bus services, but also improve their interaction with other future public transit services planned for Qatar. The Ministry believes that simple and user-friendly public transport information sources are vital to promote, enhance and influence public transport travel behaviour.

Caroline went to a lot of trouble to ensure our information panel was in line with our expectations for this very site specific commission. We are very pleased with the result and would happily recommend the Clear Mapping Company to other prospective customers.

Andrew Davey

Head of Land and Property, St Aubyn Estates