Budock Vean Hotel – maps for pre-planning application


Planning map


12 weeks




Client impressed with of quality plan drawings, requested a watercolour map of the golf course for visitors

Preparing for planning applications can be quite stressful, when businesses are looking to diversify their land asset portfolio. Budock Vean Hotel is a classic, luxury hotel and golf course hidden away on the Helford River. Martin Barlow was looking to combine the proposed plan drawings and the landscape architectural plans, to show the existing golf course and the proposed holiday homes.

Clear Mapping Co did a site visit and took photos of the proposed locations for the planning application. We took all of the digital data available and made it to scale. We then created maps of the existing golf course and one of the proposed holiday homes. The consultation went well, we were then commissioned to create elevation drawings for the proposed buildings as well as a further watercolour golf course map for visitors.

Caroline went to a lot of trouble to ensure our information panel was in line with our expectations for this very site specific commission. We are very pleased with the result and would happily recommend the Clear Mapping Company to other prospective customers.

Andrew Davey

Head of Land and Property, St Aubyn Estates