American University of Beirut – Confident Spatial Analysis


Confident Spatial Analysis


1 day



Learning outcomes

  • know how to use RStudio and GeoDa
    for a range of spatial analysis
  • understand spatial autocorrelation
  • perform clustering analysis
  • use buffers and overlaps in analysis
  • develop custom functions in RStudio

Following processes are fine in themselves, but sometimes you need to create your own methodology. By taking part in a  Confident Spatial Analysis course you’ll be maximising your GIS capabilities. Experience of using R and working with spatial data is highly recommended.

In this course we cover how to prepare and analyse spatial data in RStudio & GeoDa. We use RStudio to perform spatial overlay
techniques (such as union, intersection and buffers) to combine different spatial data layers to support a spatial analysis decision.

RStudio and GeoDa are used explore a range of different types of spatial analyses including spatial autocorrelation, Moran’s I and clustering.

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American University of Beirut square
Participants at the Confident Spatial Analysis workshop
View of archaeological site in Beirut

The explanation was very good, the course was well organised and understandable, the Professor was able to help each participant in the training and was able to respond to all the questions.

Rim Achowz

Statistics student, American University of Beirut, Lebanon