The Battlefields Trust – Educational Maps


Illustrated maps of
battlefield locations


6 weeks




Create illustrated maps of
battlefield sites for use as educational tools

Battlefields Trust Heirarchy Illustration

The Battlefields Trust are a UK charity protecting and promoting battlefield heritage. The trust is involved in saving battlefield sites from development. By providing activities and information, to local communities and national organisations, the trust is able to share the importance of preserving battlefields for posterity. Improving the interpretation and presentation of battlefields is key to their protection.

The Battlefields Trust approached us to create maps of several historic battle sites in England. Clear Mapping Co’s brief was to create maps to be used as an educational tool for school pupils. The maps needed to be clear and engaging, whilst bringing the story of the battle to life. The desired look was achieved by using QGIS to create the 3D maps of the landscape, showing the battle scenes progression, and bringing the leading characters to life by incorporating the stunning hand drawn illustrations into the maps.

The maps have been extremely well received by our client, who have been provided with universally positive feedback from the teachers who are using the maps with their students.

Illustrated Map of Shrewsbury Battlefield for the Battlefields Trust

Battlefields Trust

Producing an attractive and informative battlefield map is never easy and this is especially true when the main audience is school pupils. Battles are dynamic events with a lot of complex movement and where the terrain often plays a significant part in determining the outcome.

In developing its new series of education packs The Battlefields Trust needed to find someone who could take the raw information about a battle and turn it into an attractive and interesting graphic that would tell the core story and show how and where the action of the battle moved through the landscape. Clear Mapping came up with a solution that met all of our requirements. The response from teachers who have seen the new maps has been universally positive.

Geoffrey Carter