We create maps

Our clients are looking for cartographers who really understand their data and can convey this to their audience in a clear and concise manner.

Our clients come from a diverse range of sectors. We have scientists who require high quality maps for presentation papers and/or posters, that need to meet tight deadlines. Academics who have hoards of source material that they require displaying accurately in books and literature. And clients who need better maps to articulate existing and proposed plans to the board.

We have accommodation providers who want to grow their guest numbers and showcase what they and their area has to offer. Getting bookings results in better revenue and customer experience. We work with estates and land-owners who have diversified into visitor attractions. A good map saves having to explain to every visitor which way the footpath starts.

Save time, money and get better reviews with our clear maps.

We love creating maps!

  • Illustrated Map of Kigali, Rwanda
    Kigali and Rwanda Illustrated Tourism Maps
  • Illustrated Map along the River Thames from Windsor to Central London
    UK Government - bespoke special edition poster map and postcards
  • Chy Carne Site Map
    Chy Carne Touring Park - illustrated site map, embedded into booking system
  • Burma Maps for publication
    Dr Michael Leigh - maps for publication
  • Salt Feature Wall Map Norfolk
    Salt - feature wall map
  • St Aubyn Estates - award-winning interpretation board
  • History; Historic; Ancestry; Ancestors; Genealogy; Genealogy research; Genealogists;Iron Age; Purveyance & Tax, 1575 1672; Church, 1300; Earls of Portsmouth, 1785; Enclosures, 1753 1815; Tithe map, 1840; OS, 1875; Basingstoke and Dean Council, 2018; Historical Mapping Project; Compilation; Acetate; Watercolour; Village; Dwellings; Art Portfolio Case; Historian; Hampshire; Parish boundary; Hurstbourne Priors Map; Stevens Parochial History Enclosures 1753; Ancient Paths by Graham Robb; the Belinus Line; Historic England; Monuments & finds; Winchester Cathedral; The Hampshire Hearth Tax Assessment, 1665; A Purveyance of the Royal Household in the Elizabethan Age, 17 November 1558 to 24 March 1603; The Lay Subsidy Rolls, 1586; A Guide to Enclosure in Hampshire 1700 to 1900; Listed Buildings; Last 2000 years revealed by going geospatial; Maps uncover the secret history of St Mary Bourne; Maplines Magazine Spring Edition 2019; Ordnance Survey Open Data 2019
    St Marys Bourne History Group – Historical Map Project
  • Watercolour; Paint; Pen and ink; Map; Rudge Estate; Family heirloom; Hectare; Acre; Dog; Tractor; Wife; Child; Children; Sheep; Partridge; Pheasant; Pond; House; Lavendar; Orchard; Cherry; Medlar; Quince; Apple; Pear; Mulberry; Chicken;Monkey Puzzle tree; Pagoda; Bath house; Ice House; Boat; Wood; Pigeon; Cottage; Gravel Pit; Asparagus; Coppice; Reservoir; Wolverhampton; United Kingdon; UK
    Rudge Estate – Illustrated family heirloom map
  • Carham Battlefield Map
    The Battlefields Trust - Educational Maps
  • Map showing location and transport links to private health clinic
    Roberts Jackson - Location maps for 26 private health clinics
  • Good Life Cottage Co Feature Wall Map Windermere
    Good Life Cottage Co - feature wall map
  • Ilustrated Map of Kelburn Castle & Country Centre
    Kelburn Castle & Estate – Illustrated visitor map

Dr Michael Leigh

Caroline Robinson and her colleagues at the Clear Mapping Co. have been excellent in every respect. I cannot praise them highly enough. I set them an extremely complex project that demanded multi-dimensional solutions. It consisted of a series of maps based on an obscure area of northern Burma during the 1940s. It was essential that the maps were geographically and historically accurate and that they related to modern Myanmar. The brief included a number of highly idiosyncratic features – such as routes and transitory campsites that could only be extrapolated from original documents. They then had to be precisely and graphically superimposed. The maps are for use by an international publisher, and are designed for demanding academic audiences. The Clear Mapping team was superb throughout. They were intelligent and meticulous – quickly understanding, interpreting, and realising the brief. The task was completed on time and with a minimum of fuss. Clear Mapping is an exceptional niche company that fields a remarkable array of specialist design skills. It is a professional, cheerful and highly responsive outfit. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr Michael Leigh