Clear Mapping Co is always looking for ways to improve our service and treat clients fairly. Please find our Frequently Asked Questions and Policy Documents below or you can download our FAQs here.

Please get in touch, we can usually quote within 48 hours, depending on the data provided. To obtain a quote, we can go through our checklist over the phone by calling 01326 337072 you can use our online form here.

1. About Us

Searching for the perfect map? You’ve come to the right place!

We create award-winning maps, provide GIS training courses and international cartographic design consultancy. When it comes to commissioning, developing or refreshing your brand, it can be a complex and sometimes difficult process to get exactly what you’re looking for. Clear Mapping Co provide you with the best creative cartographic expertise, working with you to get the artistry you require.

Founded by Caroline Robinson in July 2011, Clear Mapping Co, joins up the disciplines of tech, design and illustration, providing a seamless mapping service. We’re winners of the British Cartographic Society (BCS) Ordnance Survey Open Data Award, 2015 and work internationally sharing our expertise with businesses just like yours.

We love making maps!

Please get in touch, we can usually quote within 48 hours, depending on the data provided. To obtain a quote, we can go through our checklist over the phone by calling 01326 337072 or you can use our online form here.


2. What We Do

Clear Mapping Company provides quality cartographic and design services on a contract basis for clients of all sizes, in the public and private sectors, both in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to help organisations convey information quickly, clearly and effectively by creating attractive illustrated maps. We are the leading British cartographic and design consultancy.

Working for a variety of important sectors, including local authorities, destination management, education, health, heritage and tourism. Our first priority is to ensure that the information used to prepare your map is accurate at the time of publishing. Usually this will mean collating and comparing data from multiple sources. In some cases it will require a site visit or the services of land surveyors.

In addition to traditional mapping skills, we offer everything from technical knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to design and illustration. Whatever it takes, our expertise, care and attention to detail will guarantee the best quality map – online, in print or installed on location.


3. Type of Maps

County maps, regional maps, local area maps, visitor maps, adventure park maps, resort maps, park maps, golf course maps, business maps, rural business maps, town maps, city maps, celebration maps, wedding venue maps, souvenir maps, maps for planning, maps for permaculture, maps for business cards, printing leaflets, bespoke signs, interpretation boards, accessible maps, watercolour maps, hand-drawn maps, concierge maps, university maps and online mapping.


4. Project process

We have a variety of cartographic and design services therefore the output can be different for each job. This is an example of how a project works:

a) Enquiry Form

b) Quotation and terms & conditions

c) Deposit invoice, confirms project is live

d) Draft concept: and then feedback from client

e) Concept: and then feedback from client

f) Design: and then feedback from client

g) Design approved and ‘Signed-off’ by the client

h) Final Invoice paid and then final artwork is released

i) Delivery


5. Getting a quote

We like to ensure that you are getting a quote for exactly what you need, within the time scale which you have requested. If you can provide this information when contacting us, this will ensure we can quote within 48 hours:

a) Contact name

b) Business name

c) Today’s date

d) Project deadline

e) Contact address

f) Contact postcode

g) Contact telephone

h) Contact email

i) Choose a style, from our website or a style you have used previously

j) Choose a print, web or custom size

k) Address of the property

Each map is bespoke, so all quotes are specific to your requirements.


6. Do you ask for a deposit?

Yes, we ask for 50% deposit. Work does not commence until a written agreement has been received from the client and non-returnable deposit paid, which is usually 50% of the total cost. If you would like to set-up an account with us, with regular payment structure instead, then do get in contact. All terms will be in writing before we start.

Easy payment can be made by BACS, Cheque or PayPal in the UK.

From overseas, payment is accepted by Bank Transfer or PayPal only.


7. Do we charge VAT?

No, we don’t charge VAT.


8. What will I receive?

We try to ensure that all of our maps use OpenData. Then you will receive the artwork for:

a) Web version, ready to go on your website

b) Emailable version, easy to get down the wires to your visitor or suitable home or office printing

c) High-resolution version, ready to go to your local printer

If we haven’t been able to use OpenData exclusively, then each piece of data will have to obey the licensing restrictions of that data. Please contact us for more information, as there are specific reasons for using different datasets.


9. Legals

Clear Mapping Company retains copyright on all materials created by Clear Mapping Company. Our copyright line is on all materials: ‘© 2023 Clear Mapping Company’. We try to ensure that all of our maps use OpenData and we name sources as standard.


10. Testimonials

“Caroline’s maps and leaflets have helped improve the image and efficiency of our business considerably and have been well received by our customers. Caroline has been a pleasure to work with, she took time to visit our business & ascertain our needs and I would highly recommend her services.“ Simon Green, Stubcroft Farm


Company Policies

Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy

We also adhere to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, the Bribery Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015. If you require more information about our policies, then please contact Caroline Robinson, the Company’s Data Protection Officer.

Caroline Robinson and her colleagues at the Clear Mapping Co. have been excellent in every respect. I cannot praise them highly enough. I set them an extremely complex project that demanded multi-dimensional solutions. It consisted of a series of maps based on an obscure area of northern Burma during the 1940s. It was essential that the maps were geographically and historically accurate and that they related to modern Myanmar. The brief included a number of highly idiosyncratic features ñ such as routes and transitory campsites that could only be extrapolated from original documents. They then had to be precisely and graphically superimposed. The maps are for use by an international publisher, and are designed for demanding academic audiences. The Clear Mapping team was superb throughout. They were intelligent and meticulous quickly understanding, interpreting, and realising the brief. The task was completed on time and with a minimum of fuss. Clear Mapping is an exceptional niche company that fields a remarkable array of specialist design skills. It is a professional, cheerful and highly responsive outfit. I recommend it without reservation.
Dr Michael Leigh

Research Associate, SOAS , University of London