Commissioning a map

This project came to us by referral, even though there isn’t many degrees of separation between myself and Charles Fox, the owner of Glendurgan Gardens in Cornwall. His family is quite famous in these parts due to them owning besides other things, much of the Falmouth Art School grounds back in the day (now Falmouth University). The idea of how the maps should look and the front cover came from the Charles as the client. He wanted the maps to be clean, clear and simple to provide readers with context for his manuscript.

Maps and charts

We started to compile the geographic data from OS Open Data, using Tidal Boundaries, Surface Water, Roads and Railways. Once we had those in QGIS, we created a new shapefile for the selective place names and places of interest, making the maps as useful as possible for understanding the relationship between different sites in the book.

Map of Cornwall and places of importance to the Fox Family

Working together

We followed the design process, but the closer that we got towards the end of the project the more frequent the amends there were to do. We worked closely with the publishers, to make sure that the maps met with the book format. This meant that the maps were in the same fonts and style as the rest of the book and blended in perfectly. We also worked on the front cover the provide drafts of what it may look like to enable this to be further discussed between publisher and author.

Map of Carrrick Roads and places of importance to the Fox Family

Book launch

The book launch was an exciting opportunity to share this historic book with the rest of the community in Falmouth and Cornwall. The book gives a particular insight into the life of the people who helped to run G. C. Fox & Co. (Foxes of Falmouth) and their devotion to the Quaker faith over three centuries. It was an absolute pleasure to work on this project, knowing that the Cornish community will be further enlightened by this fascinating family history.

Book launch of On the Brink by Charles Fox

Charles Fox speaking at the book launch

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