Caroline becomes Senior Editor of Maplines at the British Cartographic Society (BCS)

Maplines is the Society’s membership magazine which goes out to all our members in the UK and around the world.

“After working with Martin for several years writing about maps in the context of ‘Mapping the fantasy world of Westeros’, ‘Getting out of the studio’ and the ‘ Battle of Bannockburn’, I’m keen to continue the high-quality of exciting topics to share within the mapping community.”

If you would like to contribute to Maplines, then please be aware of the deadlines below for the next issue:

Edition Spring 2019

Monday (7) January 2019 – Request for Articles & Photos
Friday (15) February 2019 – Article & Photos
Friday (1) March 2019 – Proof-reading
Friday (15) March 2019 – Artwork
Monday (8) April 2019 – To print

For more information on how to submit please see more here.