Internships at Clear Mapping Co

Here at Clear Mapping Co, we have previously taken on students for work experience on a casual basis, usually in the second year of their degree. We have previously had students come in during the holidays for a weeks placement. Students have gone on to become freelancers for us while studying, to earn some extra money and gain further experience to add to their CV. We’ve had students go on to study MSc, work at a design practice in London and work experience at the MetOffice. We’re pleased we can be there at the start of the students journey into their chosen career.

Pathways to Digital Programme

This year we were approached by Exeter University to try something new – the Pathways to Digital Programme. The Pathways programme provided a week of introductory lessons to the workplace, including Project Management and drones. Caroline delivered a session on MissingMaps as a gentle introduction into GIS and its capabilities. It was interesting to see that most of the students did a mapping project of some sort as their end of week group assignment – well done everyone!

The intern experience at Clear Mapping Co

The following week we we’re joined by Carolina Gonzalez, an MSc student from Exeter University, studying Sustainable Development Climate Change and Risk Management.

Q: Why did you get involved with the Pathways to Digital Programme?
A: I got involved with the Pathways to Digital Innovation, mainly because I wanted to do something different from my current masters study, and also because I really wanted to learn new trends in digital platforms such as GIS systems.

Q: What were you hoping to gain from working at Clear Mapping Co?
A: Mainly, I was looking for an internship to get some work experience and to learn what is new in GIS technologies. I also hoped to generate networking opportunities. The experience met all my expectations.

Q: What did you learn from your experience at Clear Mapping Co?
A: During this internship I had the opportunity to work with different types of software such as Arc GIS and QGIS, as well as learning some statistics software such as RStudio. I also had the opportunity of working with Mapbox, which is a good alternative as it is open to anyone that would like to do some mapping. Moreover, I had the chance to work with open data and understand that there are several sources available.

Q: To anyone else looking to go on to the Pathways to Digital Programme, what would you suggest they do first?
A: Try to find out if the Pathways would be useful at some stage of their career. It can be a motivation maybe not for now, but in the short term or future.

What is the future for Internships at Clear Mapping Co?

From our point of view, working with Carolina and the team behind Pathways to Digital Programme was so good, that we would be happy to sign-up for next year’s programme and would encourage other local businesses to get involved.

Please follow the link to find out more information about Pathways to Digital and apply online.