Making use of innovation spaces in Cornwall

The Air building at Falmouth University’s Tremough Campus is a delightful building which is home to the Open AIR, a sand-box space to stimulate innovation and collaboration. I met Tariq on Twitter and went to his Python talk in May 2019. He is doing wonderful, open data science events with children , young people and professionals in Cornwall.

Building a community of people interested in data science

Data Science Cornwall is his professional MeetUps about machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence using open source tools. The community is a diverse friendly place to share ideas, be inspired by each other, show what we’re working on, support each other in our learning and building solutions. They cover a broad range of topics – from algorithms to visualisation, from managing big data to the ethics of automation. Our sessions include talks, hands-on tutorials and fun hackathons. The focus will remain the community, open source, encouraging diversity and newcomers, and our sessions will always try to be beginner friendly, which is everything that intrigues me!

Designing a talk and workshop

After attending the Python workshop, Tariq asked me to come up with a talk and workshop based on my knowledge to share. Firstly, I wanted to share a bit more about how people can improve data visualisations by understanding – what does a designer know? And bring this theory work into their practise. The basics are simple to learn and can be applied to any design-led visual interface between humans and information design.

Caroline pointing out the colour wheel

Secondly, I wanted to share how to create your own information (points, lines and polygons) in QGIS (open source GIS software). Just being able to do this means that web-developers are able not only to import stacks of data in GIS and cover to zoomable maps, but also create their own data to go on top, such as location of all fire escape points and share it.

Books to share on the topic of information design and GIS

Collaboration and finding out about more workshops

We had fascinating discussions on ethics and design, who are we designing for and why? We came up against some obstacles such as Python in QGIS not being the same as on some people’s laoptops, but all in all it was an interesting way to deliver a small pocket of information that can improve everyone’s workflow.

If you want to find out more about Data Science Cornwall, click here.

If you would like to hear Caroline speak on topics such as ‘What does a designer know?’, ‘History of Cartography’ or ‘Land-management and QGIS’, then call us on 01326 337072 or email us at