We share how to update your GoogleMaps Pointer.

1. Being ‘found’ on the Internet

The best way to ensure that you’re ‘found’ on the internet is by registering your business with the most popular search engine ‘Google’. Google finds all their information about you through their map listing. To do this you must register with Google and ‘claim your business’. In the rural economy, it is even more important, as this may be the first contact a guest has with your business. This Tip Sheet helps you ensure the Googlemaps Pointer position is correct.

2. Google family of products

See if GoogleMaps already has your business on it.
Go to Google Maps and search for your business. If you find an entry, check whether there is a  option. If so, you need to click on this button and follow the instructions. Google will send you a postcard through the post with a code on it. This allows you to show to Google that you actually own the business, and then you can update the information online.

3. My Business Page

Once you have verified your business, you can update the information. Go to https://www.google.co.uk/business/ and complete the online form. Or sign into your Gmail account, click on the nine small boxes in the top right corner of your Gmail account, find ‘My Business’ icon and click on it:

Google Maps
To update the pointer, click Info on the left-hand panel of ‘My Business’ homepage:

Google Maps

Info page looks like this:

Google Maps

View your business entry on Google Search:

Google Maps

View your business pointer on GoogleMaps:

Google Map View of Clear Mapping Co

4. Get the Google Pointer in the right place

Go back to your Info page and click on the Pen icon, next to your address:

Google Maps Pointer

Remember to zoom in or out (using the + and -) to identify exactly where you want your pointer to be. You may find the Satellite view helpful, as it can often show more details than the normal Map view, especially in rural areas.

We would suggest that you move your Pointer, which automatically finds the postcode, to the lane that most people would get to your main entrance. Or the ‘T’ junction leading
to your property. Positioning your Pointer where guests and visitors will enter your land is much more valauble than in the middle of a field! : )

We have a wealth of experience in cartography, if you’re having a mapping dilemma get in touch.