Our maps are now available to buy on RedBubble

We have created spectacular pieces of art as well as beautifully functional maps over the years and always been asked for prints. Those who have met us at networking events will know that we regularly hand out examples of our maps on postcards. However, whenever we’ve been asked for reprints, we’ve had to turn people down as we haven’t had the capacity to do this before. The previous maps required a little tender loving care to make them ready to use as manufactured goods and appeal to a wide audience as possible.

Why using an online retail company?

The push came to shove when working on Women in Geospatial logo and brand identity. Once the artwork was completed, people wanted merchandise to show solidarity with other members and promote equality at conferences etc. RedBubble was a platform suggested by one of the members and Caroline got the artwork ready to go on to T’shirts, Laptop covers and Mobile phone covers. They all look awesome. Caroline’s background is in product design for manufacturing and there is much effort in creating your own product line. Sourcing the correct printers, product, packaging and delivery all takes up time. RedBubble is a really easy platform to use and has only taken three days to set-up and get ready to market.

What next?

We have a huge portfolio of maps that we have created over the eight years in cartography and have a wide selection of styles to choose from. If you would like to be able to give more maps as gifts, then let us know which map you saw out in the wild and we’ll try to sort this out for you. Currently, the range includes a map of London, map of Rwanda, ‘Poldark was filmed here’ map and a gorgeous practical map of the Lake District.

Click here to see the whole range at RedBubble.

If you would like to Caroline to create maps for you to sell at retail, then call us on 01326 337072 or email us at hello@clearmapping.co.uk