Helping land-managers to plan spatially

Agri-tech Cornwall is a funding programme specifically for encouraging rural businesses including farmers and land-owners to make better use of technology to improve their resilience. Agricultural technologies can be any service or product that makes agriculture more efficient and productive, more resilient and secure, more profitable, and better able to enhance and protect the natural environment and those that farm it.

The Agri-Tech Cornwall Project is a £9.6m initiative, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Running to March 2020 supporting research, development and innovation into agricultural technologies that boost the agricultural, horticultural and food sectors. Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, with match-funding from Cornwall Council and research partners, it helps small and medium-sized companies and organisations develop ideas to improve efficiency, profitability and resilience.

Who was the QGIS workshop for?

The GIS workshop provided by Clear Mapping Co was a unique opportunity to develop and apply new land-management technologies. The workshop covered the basics of QGIS, an open-source geographic information system, suitable for anyone dealing with land management. Farmers, land-managers and arbor-culturalists were able to use geospatial information to develop new, or improve existing, products or services for agriculture, arboriculture or other land based industries. We also had attendees interested in intertidal and marine management, too.

What did they learn?

The workshop was aimed at professionals working in land management and maintenance; no prior knowledge of QGIS was required and everyone worked on their own laptops, so they could bring their learnings back to the office and implement them. There was a small section on theory and then a practical introduction to projections and spatial data; the sources of data that may be applicable for your business; how they can be imported and displayed; what makes a useful, informative map; and how to process it or send it for print. At the end of the day, was an opportunity to discuss their own projects and get one-to-one support.

How to get in contact for future workshop in the rural economy?

The idea is to upskill those working in the rural economy in expectation of Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap being released in the near future as open data. This would mean that land-managers would finally be able to maintain their own datasets about their land-management practices on their own, enabling them to take stock of their current situation and then create proposals for future development. With Brexit and climate change becoming more urgent issues being able to understand your own spatial data is becoming more important, especially with changes to subsides and taxation towards public money for public good.

Let’s get prepared by using your own data.

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