About us

Clear Mapping Co, are situated in Cornwall, overlooking the beautiful Penryn river. We are always keen to welcome vistors with tea and cake to our studio.

Meet us in person, by giving us a call, arranging a Skype or organising a site visit to your business.

Caroline Robinson

Caroline Robinson

Founder, Lead Cartographer

Caroline Robinson founded Clear Mapping Co in 2011. She is an experienced project manager and can help curate your project from start-to-finish. She has worked internationally on national GIS projects as well as work for LEPs and local authorities.

Caroline can provide you with clear, concise advice on how to achieve your end result and plan how to get your project to fruition. She can advise you on various methodologies and techniques to get the result that you are looking for, within the budget available.

Caroline’s high-standards and commitment to projects ensures the end result meets the target audiences requirements.

She considers accessibility and sustainability of every project.

Enthusiastic, passionate and considerate.

Kirstin Coles

Kirstin Coles

Marketing Manager

Kirstin Coles has been with Clear Mapping Co since 2014, growing into the role of Marketing Manager after starting with the us as a PA.

She can provide you with administrative support with your project, including updates and further enquiries.

Kirstin can advise you on various social media platforms and marketing techniques to help promote your project. She has strong links with all sectors of our industry and markets.

Professional, reliable and skilled marketeer.

Dr Nick Bearman

Dr Nick Bearman

Senior GIS Analyst and Course Director

Dr Nick Bearman joined Clear Mapping Co in 2016. He is an experienced lecturer in GIS and coding for GIS. He is always looking at cutting-edge research and development, heading the team of specialists on particular projects.

You can be assured that Nick will be able to find the best solution for your project with his patient and enthusiastic approach.
Nick is always keen to share his wealth of experience in research, new methodologies and GIS software packages.

Courses led by Nick are accredited by the Association for Geographic Information (AGI). He is a member of the Royal Geographic Society (with IBG) and the British Cartographic Society (BCS).

Innovative, professional and keen to share knowledge.

Shannon Lund

Shannon Lund

Junior Illustrator

Shannon Lund joined us this year after completing her degree at Falmouth Univeristy. She is an adaptable and professional artist with a keen eye for detail.

Shannon is continually learning new techniques and exploring the
countryside to collect data for maps.

Under Caroline’s guidance she is developing into a mature illustrator. She is cultivating an artistic repertoire extending our brand and illustrative styles available to clients.

Talented, keen and enthusiastic.

Caroline Robinson and her colleagues at the Clear Mapping Co. have been excellent in every respect. I cannot praise them highly enough. I set them an extremely complex project that demanded multi-dimensional solutions. It consisted of a series of maps based on an obscure area of northern Burma during the 1940s. It was essential that the maps were geographically and historically accurate and that they related to modern Myanmar. The brief included a number of highly idiosyncratic features ñ such as routes and transitory campsites that could only be extrapolated from original documents. They then had to be precisely and graphically superimposed. The maps are for use by an international publisher, and are designed for demanding academic audiences. The Clear Mapping team was superb throughout. They were intelligent and meticulous quickly understanding, interpreting, and realising the brief. The task was completed on time and with a minimum of fuss. Clear Mapping is an exceptional niche company that fields a remarkable array of specialist design skills. It is a professional, cheerful and highly responsive outfit. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr Michael Leigh

Research Associate, SOAS , University of London