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Searching for the perfect map?

You’ve come to the right place!

We create award-winning maps! When it comes to commissioning, developing or refreshing your brand, it can be a complex and sometimes difficult process to get exactly what you’re looking for. Clear Mapping Co provide you with the best creative cartographic expertise, working with you to get the artistry you require.

Founded by Caroline Robinson in July 2011, Clear Mapping Co, joins up the disciplines of tech, design and illustration, providing a seamless mapping service. We’re winners of the British Cartographic Society (BCS) Ordnance Survey Open Data Award, 2015 and work internationally sharing our expertise with businesses just like yours. Enjoy reading about our selection of works and do get in touch if you would like a bespoke map which meets your requirements.

We love making maps!

We create maps

For easy interpretation of data

Our clients are looking for cartographers who really understand their data and can convey this to their audience in a clear and concise manner. More …

  • Good Life Cottage Co Feature Wall Map Windermere
    Good Life Cottage Co - feature wall map
  • Illustrated Map of Kigali, Rwanda
    Kigali and Rwanda Illustrated Tourism Maps
  • Illustrated Map along the River Thames from Windsor to Central London
    UK Government - bespoke special edition poster map and postcards
  • Ilustrated Map of Kelburn Castle & Country Centre
    Kelburn Castle & Estate – Illustrated visitor map
  • Watercolour; Paint; Pen and ink; Map; Rudge Estate; Family heirloom; Hectare; Acre; Dog; Tractor; Wife; Child; Children; Sheep; Partridge; Pheasant; Pond; House; Lavendar; Orchard; Cherry; Medlar; Quince; Apple; Pear; Mulberry; Chicken;Monkey Puzzle tree; Pagoda; Bath house; Ice House; Boat; Wood; Pigeon; Cottage; Gravel Pit; Asparagus; Coppice; Reservoir; Wolverhampton; United Kingdon; UK
    Rudge Estate – Illustrated family heirloom map
  • Map showing location and transport links to private health clinic
    Roberts Jackson - Location maps for 26 private health clinics

Dr Michael Leigh

Clear Mapping is an exceptional niche company that fields a remarkable array of specialist design skills. It is a professional, cheerful and highly responsive outfit. I recommend it without reservation.

Dr Michael Leigh